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340 B
Pharmacy Program

The Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders (WACBD) operates a Public Health Service 340B Pharmacy Program for active patients. Having a 340B pharmacy means that we are allowed to purchase clotting factor and other medications through a discounted program. Some of that discount is passed on to you and your insurance, and overall the income from the 340B pharmacy generates the funding for the hemophilia center and the care for our patients with bleeding disorders.

Support the efforts and services of the WACBD

You receive the choice of the full range of clotting factor products available in the marketplace, as well as supplemental medications such as Amicar, Lysteda, nasal Stimate & Emla cream. All supplies for treatment and sharps waste disposal are provided.

Our pharmacist is in close communication with the clinical team so as to better understand your needs and the wishes of your provider.

In order to ensure access to clotting factor, we also offer assistance with insurance issues and any gaps in coverage by facilitating enrollment in patient assistance programs as well as copay assistance programs. Where there is help to be had, we find it.

We offer some same day pickup/deliveries and next day delivery of products, direct access to a pharmacist and emergency needs.

Everyone enjoys having a choice and your choice of the WACBD Pharmacy Program supports the comprehensive care provided by your center for you and generations yet to come.

Your choice to purchase factor and other medications for your bleeding disorder from the WACBD Pharmacy directly supports the efforts and services of the WACBD, including the following services we provide free of charge:

Ordering Factor and Supplies


Pharmacy Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Call 206-689-8200 or 1-855-837-7080

For same day processing, please call by 12:00 noon. All orders after 2 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

Weekend and holiday submissions will be handled during normal business hours.

After hours
(emergency) physician/nurse consultation:
Call 206-614-1200


Thank you very much for ordering with us!